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Preserve Ag is a specialist Agricultural Insurance Broker focussing on providing the best protection for Australian Farming families and businesses.

Based in Gunnedah in the North West of New South Wales we understand the importance of supporting Rural businesses.

Our scope and partnerships allow us to service business all throughout Rural and Regional Australia.

who we are

Chris Lawes the director of Preserve Ag has worked in the Agricultural Industry in Australia for the past 19 years.

Chris has 7 years hands-on experience in Agronomy working both in the North West of NSW and Central Queensland.

Chris also has 8 years of experience specialising in Agricultural Insurance both for an underwriting agency in Claims as well as Rural Broking.

This combined experience allows Chris to have an in depth operational understanding of Australian farms and the associated risks.

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Broadacre insurance

Hail & Fire
Fire Only

Cotton insurance

Hail & Fire
Fire Only

Policy Type

Insured Yields and Insured Values can be changed up until the final revision date.
After the final revision date the sum insured cannot be altered.

The final Sum Insured is based on the yield achieved by the crop at harvest.

A yield and sum insured is nominated at the start of the policy period. Changes to both the insured yield and insured value can be made up until the final revision date.

Some insurers place a cap and floor on the percentage difference that the harvested yield can difer from the yield at the final revision date for the purpose of calculating the sum insured either for a claim or for the final premium charged.

Loss of potential yield due to damage from hail and fire.

The addition of the quality option provides cover for the loss of quality to the harvested lint due to an insured event. There are a variety of options that are available for quality depending on the insurer

Additional Benefits Available

Loss of Potential Yield as a result of a third parties ground spraying application
Loss of Potential Yield as a result of a Livestock Intrustion from a third parties Livestock.
Cover for Stored Grain and Hay from insured crops
Loss of Grain or Hay from an insured crop whilst in transit
This additonal benefit cover additional expenses that may be incurred as a result of trying to minimise the loss from an insured event.

Where the refuge crop is a total loss and is required to be replanted this additional benefit covers the cost to replant the refuge crop.

Cover for Harvested crops whilst on your farm or in transit to the gin.
Loss of Potential Yield as a result of a third parties ground spraying application

Optional Benefits Available

In the event of a claim and the reducing excess option has been selected, the excess to apply to the claim reduces as the potential yield increases.
The insured value ($/tonne) that is selected at the start of the policy is locked in and can not be changed.
The market value of the crop type at harvest is used to determine the insured value ($/tonne)
With this option if no claim occurs your sum insured is based on your harvested yield per Ha, if a claim occurs the sum insured is calculated based on the potential yield. The maximum increase

Winter Broadacre

Summer Broadacre


Policy Types and Covers Available